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Working with auto shops can be frustrating. Unless you have some mechanical knowledge already, it's difficult to go into a shop knowing what you'll be expected to pay. When different auto shops charge so differently from one another, it can be very hard to tell when you're getting a bargain. You can remove some of the guess work from this problem by using a handy price guide for different parts.

You can consider yourself lucky if repairing your vehicle doesn't involve replacing one or more parts, but many problems are going to come back to purchasing new parts. Parts are often listed separately on invoices, but don't assume that the price the shop is charging for the part is near to the original cost. Even after a reasonable profit has been added, some shops continue to increase prices on those not savvy enough to understand a good price.

Using up-to-date pricing lists for your parts means being able to come into the repair shop with the knowledge you need to get the right price for your replacement. Fortunately, lists like these can be found everywhere. You'll be able to easily locate price lists for windscreens/windshields, mirrors, engines, transmissions.pretty much everything.

Make a smart choice by consulting price lists before you buy.

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